Rani Sesame Tahini 16Oz
Rani Sesame Tahini 16Oz
Rani Sesame Tahini 16Oz

Rani Sesame Tahini 16Oz



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Made from ground sesame seeds that are soaked in water for a day, then crushed to seperate the bran from the kernals. The crushed seeds are put into salted water, where the bran sinks, but the kernals float and are skimmed off the surface. They are toasted, the ground to produce their thick paste with a delicate flavor. It is used as a base for the popular hummus dish. It is used and a variety of middle eastern dishes to enhance the flavor of sweet and savory dishes.

Cook time: 15 min.
Prep time: 5 min.
Serving size: 4-5
Heat level: Mild

12oz canned garbanzo beans
7 tbsp Rani Sesame Tahini
½ tsp Salt
½ tsp Rani Granulated Garlic
Juice of 2 lemons
Dash od Rani Paprika
Olive Oil to taste
Pita Bread or crackers
Fresh Parsely (optiional)


In a blender add 12oz canned garbanzo beans with half of the canned juice. Add Rani Sesame Tahini, Salt, Rani Granulated Garlic, and juice and mix them until you puree all of the ingredients. Spread mix on a platter and top with olive oil, sprinkle some Rani paprika & fresh parsely. Serve with pita bread or crackers & enjoy!!!

Net Wt. 16 fl.oz (454g )
Product of USA
Alternative Name: 100% Ground Hulled Sesame Seeds
Packaging: Glass Jar
Product Type: Cooking Oil


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