OTG Adapter - Golden

OTG Adapter - Golden



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Product details of OTG Adapter - Golden

  • OTG Micro USB Adapter
  • Expand the Memory
  • No Burden to Transfer Data
  • Connected to the mouse, operate the phone
  • Connect to U Disk, Check the File
  • The Keyboard Connected to Write Messages
  • Connect the mouse, no touch screen operation
  • Connect the wireless network card, at any time on the internet
  • Application of OTG adapter to connect the keyboard to write messages
  • The OTG adapter is connected with the U disk / card reader, then only read data
  • OTG connection game handle, enjoy the transmission speed of USB2.0
  • Service life: 10000 times the terminal interface plug, still can maintain normal use

REMAX OTG Micro To USB Adapter

OTG Adapter Remax RA-OTG USB
Adaptor, USB OTG port that comes in a modern design added convenience of portability. and designed to operate with one end, a USB port for data connectivity with peripherals such as mice, keyboards, memory, or as Flashdrive connected through the port. USB, then put one end of a micro USB port to connect to a Smartphone (which supports OTG) peripherals for data use or immediately OTG Adapter allows you to use your Smartphone as an even more convenient.
Transferring files between USB flash drive with the Smartphone more convenient
Chipping must not take a computer to transfer files between USB flash drive with a Smartphone or Tablet Flashdrive just plug it into the device. OTG and then plugged into the Smartphone support is also available for instant file sharing.

Smartphone applications easier than ever
Facilitating its use more convenient than ever with the plug Keyboard to use it more convenient typing on the touch screen or be plugged into a mouse to run the cursor control device. Or with a joystick for ease of gameplay. The connection with the fans USB. It is powered by a battery of Smartphone and Tablet as well.

Small and portable
You can always take it with you anywhere. At the clutter with its small size. Ultra lightweight

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